The Righteousness of God

"The Ten Commandments, whether engraved on tables of stone or written in a book, are only statements of the righteousness of God. Righteousness means right doing. It is active. The righteousness of God is God's right doing, His way. And since all His ways are right, it follows that the righteousness of God is nothing less than the life of God. The written law is not action, but only a description of the action. It is a picture of the character of God."  Ellet J. Waggoner

Work of the Holy Spirit

"These men had been with one mind persevering in prayer for this very object. They were also of that class mentioned in John 7:17; they had been, and were still, followers of Christ; so it was to be expected that they should know of the doctrine. And lastly, they had studied the word of God for themselves, and had done all they could to understand it."  Ellet J. Waggoner

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Comfort in Conviction

"Conviction is showing a man that he is guilty. Condemnation is the putting of the sentence upon him. We are already under condemnation, because of transgression. "Now the Lord comes to us and convicts us by his Spirit, but when He has brought us to this place where we are convicted and acknowledge the fact that we have sinned and are worthy of death, just there the Lord comes in and takes away the condemnation. He carries us to that point, and then the sentence is remitted."  Ellet J. Waggoner