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The Third Angel's Message. What Is It in Spirit and in Truth? (3)

The Third Angel’s Message.

What Is It in Spirit and in Truth?

ALL that is accomplished by this great threefold message is done in view of the fact that "the hour" of God’s "judgment is come." Therefore the one great object of the Third Angel’s Message is to prepare the world for the judgment: to prepare to stand in the judgment all who receive the message; and to ripen the world for the judgment in all who, by refusing the message which will prepare them to stand in the judgment,

"What Is the Gospel?" by E. J. Waggoner.

Excerpt from article: "Since sin is the transgression of a law, it is evident that to save one from sin, or from the transgression of the law, is the same thing as making and keeping him obedient to the law. Therefore the gospel is the revelation of the power of God to work righteousness in men—to manifest righteousness in their lives.

The Third Angel’s Message. What Is It in Spirit and in Truth? (2)

The Third Angel’s Message.

What Is It in Spirit and in Truth? 

WE have found that in word, in form, and in arrangement the Third Angel’s Message is a great threefold message, which ripens the harvest for the end of the world, and makes ready a people prepared for the Lord. And now we are to study what that message is in spirit and in truth.

The Third Angel’s Message. What Is It? (1)

The Third Angel’s Message.

What Is It?

THE expression "the Third Angel’s Message" has reference to the message borne by the third in a series of three angels, each one bearing a message, in the fourteenth chapter of Revelation. The messages of these three angels blend and culminate in the third, which does not cease to sound until the harvest of the earth is ripe, and made ready for the coming of the Lord to reap it.

Saved By His Life

"The fact that Jesus has done everything for man is sometimes perverted. It is often said that as He fulfilled the law, keeping it for us, we have nothing whatever to do with it. That is the same as saying that because He always told the truth, we may lie with impunity; that as He honored the Father, we are free to dishonor Him. No greater error could be conceived. It is true that He fulfilled all of the law, but it was in order “that the righteousness of the law might be fulfilled in us” (Rom.


“No matter what I do; no matter how hard I try; nothing seems to be working for me! I seem to be continually stressed and worried about whether my efforts will be enough so I can be saved! Being a Christian is so hard!” I want to be an overcomer, but I see no progress. Christianity sounds real good, but I have no power at all.


It was a time of trouble, the outcome of which hinged upon the repentance of God’s people. The consequence for not believing the Spirit of Prophecy would be the destruction of their cities and captivity in Babylon.