Dr. Munhall on the Sabbath

We had the pleasure one day last week of listening to a “Bible-reading” on the Sabbath question, given by Dr. L. Munhall, the evangelist who has been holding revival services in San Francisco for several weeks. The “reading” was more pointed and interesting than any other Sabbath study we ever heard from a first-day preacher.

Logical Antinomianism

Why is it that professed Christians speak with such contempt of the law of God? It is because they hate the fourth commandment, which enjoins the observance of the Sabbath.

They profess abhorrence of murder, adultery, and theft. But if it is a sin to keep the fourth commandment, it is also wrong to keep the sixth, seventh and eight.  They teach that the law of God is not in force, that those who keep it have fallen from grace.

A more horrible doctrine could not be imagined.