Letter from E. J. Waggoner to his daughter Pearl, 1905

Letter from E. J. Waggoner to his daughter Pearl [the actual letter is provided for you in the attached PDF]

Battle Creek, Oct. 8, 1905

My Dear Little Pearl,

I was very glad to get your little note, and thought to reply at once; but I keep very busy, and when I have finished my study for the next day I feel much like going to bed. They have been having operations all day Sunday; but today there are none; so I am taking the opportunity to write some letters.

An Interview with J. S. Washburn

"E.J. Waggoner can teach righteousness by faith more clearly than I can," said Sister White. "Why, Sister White," I said, "do you mean to say that E. J. Waggoner can teach it better than you can, with all your experience?" Sister White replied, "Yes, the Lord has given him special light on that question. I have been wanting to bring it out more clearly, but I could not have brought it out as clearly as he did. But when he brought it out at Minneapolis, I recognized it."