Irritability and Anger


Ellet J. Waggoner : The Present Truth : November 28, 1895

One likes to flatter himself that it was because someone else treated him badly that he felt irritated and impatient.

It is well to remember that it is not the wrong that another does that leads to evil feelings on our part, but the wrong that is in our own heart stirs up the resentment at an affront.

Not the devil and the other man but the spirit of the evil one in us is the cause of the irritation. A dead person can feel nothing, and if self is dead it will not feel slighted and hurt, even when an affront is intended. Irritability and anger come from within and not from without.

Whenever, then, we find ourselves harboring the aggrieved feeling let us remember that it is merely the warning signal telling us that the old self is asserting its sway, and that it is for us to repent of the evil thing in our heart rather than allow ourselves to be diverted by the enemy into warring against the person who has given the offence. It is very natural to lay the blame of our failures on others, or on circumstances, but the evil heart is the heart of the difficulty. And, thank the Lord; we may have His peace to guard both heart and thoughts in Christ Jesus:

"And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds through Christ Jesus." Philippians 4.7