Ellet J. Waggoner : The Present Truth : August 16, 1900

Self-control, if it be genuine, is nothing else than control of self by the Spirit of God. “It is not in man that walks to direct his steps.” Man is but dust, with no power in himself. The attempt to take the reins of government into one’s own hands always results in confusion, disorder, and shame.

God alone has power, and He alone can rightly rule. This is acknowledged by every one who says, “Thine is the kingdom.”

Do not imagine that this means the giving up of one’s manhood. Far from it; it is just the reverse; for the indwelling of God’s Spirit is necessary to true manhood. Only in Christ is there a perfect man. The possession of the Divine Spirit, being made partaker of the Divine nature, is that which makes one really a man—that which God can recognize as a man.

We are creatures of God, and are made to be instruments of His will, and only as His will is done in us as it is done in heaven do we meet the object of our existence.

The greatest measure of power is therefore experienced in perfect submission.