Senior Quarterly 1900-1901: "Studies in Galatians" by Waggoner

In 1900, a systematic weekly study, covering the great book of Galatians, was published as Quarterly Lessons. These lessons were divided up into three quaters--the first lesson beginning in the 3rd Quarter on July 7, 1900 and the last lesson in the 1st Quarter of 1901 with the final review of Galatians on March 2, 1901. There are a total of 35 lessons.

The Book of Galatians is a timeless and pivotal protion of Scripture that details the Gospel and lays bare the condition of the church - in every age, and always in the present. It is part of the Third Angels Message.

Come to this study with prayer and humility asking God to give comprehension and to take the words of Scripture as they are written. Let these Scriptures speak to your heart and give you understanding.

(I am dedicating this presentation to my brother, James Peters, who encouraged me to bring these lessons back into the light. He loved this message and it was his desire to always lift up Christ and Him crucified above all things. He went to sleep on June 7, 2019. E. J. Waggoner was our great-grandfather. Blessings, Daniel Peters)

Introduction and Lesson 1: "Our Sins Purchased" Galatians 1:1-5