third angels message

The Third Angel’s Message.

For those following A. T. Jones in his series we have been posting, the last post was #10 in this series. 10 additional articles have now been added. There are now 20 articles posted.

A. T. Jones wrote much on this topic and this series lasted just over a year. This is a work in progress as each article must be proofed against the original for accuracy. --Daniel Peters

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The Third Angel's Message - The Faith of Jesus

IN the matter of the duty of keeping the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus, it is not to be understood that the two can for a moment be separated. The commandments can not be kept acceptably to God except by faith in Jesus Christ; and faith in Christ amounts to nothing—is dead—unless it is manifested, made perfect, in good works: and these good works consist in keeping the commandments of God.